November 9, 2014

Remembrance Sunday / 22nd Sunday after Pentecost
November 9, 2014
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Paul Nash, We are building a new world, Imperial War Museum, London, 1918.jpg

Paul Nash, We are building a new world, Imperial War Museum, London, 1918

Take an hour and a half on Remembrance Sunday to watch and listen to a recent performance of Benjamin Britten, War Requiem, Op. 66.

Click to read about Benjamin Britten and the War Requiem.

Click for the text. Perhaps one might like to arrange the text and the performance side by side for a better understanding.

Benjamin Britten, War Requiem, Op. 66, performed by Lydia Zborschil, Soprano; Berhard Gärtner, Tenor; Thomas Laske, Baritone; Cantus Juvenum Karlsruhe; Bachchor Karlsruhe; Camerata 2000; Bastian Bohrmann, Organ; Christian-Markus Raiser conducting [YouTube]

The Christ Church Cathedral Choirs annual fundraising concert this year on Friday, November 7, 2014, 7:30 pm, will feature the music of John Taverner
(1490-1545 ) and Sir John Tavener (1944-2013).

$35 adult; $25 seniors; $15 students; includes post-concert wine and cheese reception.
Information: (514) 843-6577, local 236

Tickets are available at the door and at the following locations:
The Word, 469 Milton Street
The Cathedral Office, 1444 Union Avenue


John Taverner (1490-1545 ):

In trouble and adversity [text]
Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone [text]
Et Elizabetham nostram [text]
Song: Westron Wynde [text]
Mass: Westron Wynde
Agnus Dei


Sir John Tavener (1944-2013)

The Lamb [text]
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Collegium Regale [text]
The Lord’s Prayer
Today the Virgin [text]

By way of preparation:

John Taverner (1490-1545 ):

Audivi Media Nocte, performed by the Schola Cantorum Occidentalis [text] [YouTube]

In Trouble and Adversity:  Listen to In Nomine, Taverner’s instrumental version of In Trouble and Adversity. Performed on early instruments by Concordia. [YouTube]

Christe Jesu, Pastor Bone performed by the Guilford Cathedral Choir [text] [YouTube]

Click to read about and listen to Westorn Wynde and the Westorn Wynde Mass.

Sir John Tavener (1944-2013):

Click to read about and listen to The Lamb.

Magnificat Collegium Regale, performed by the Choir of Trinity Church, Boston [text] [YouTube]

Nunc Dimittis Collegium Regale, performed by the Choir of Trinity Church, Boston [text] [YouTube]

Today the Virgin performed by Boston Byzantine Choir. [text]  [YouTube]

Musica Orbium
ne blanche invisible

Monteverdi’s Vespers

ligne grise invisible

Vespers of 1610, Claudio Monteverdi, Patrick Wedd directing

Saturday November 15, 2014, 19h30
Sunday November 16, 2014, 19h30
1201, rue de la Visitation
H2L 3B5
Métro Beaudry


Stephanie Manias; Jana Miller; Loïc Paulin; Bernard Cayouette; Jacques-Olivier Chartier; Normand Richard; Clayton Kennedy

Monteverdi’s Vespers, first published in 1610, is truly one of the wonders of western choral literature, deservedly renowned for its beauty and audacity. At the heart of the work are five psalms and the Magnificat, set in splendid opulence for choir, soloists and orchestra, but based throughout on the traditional “psalm tones”, chants hallowed by centuries of use in the church. Interspersed with these massive choruses are six sacri concentus, solos, duos and trios in the latest operatic style, and of an intensity and even seductiveness that is completely captivating. Even the instrumental forces are unusual, combining renaissance brass with baroque strings and winds. In this way Monteverdi challenges the norms of his day by freely combining the traditional styles of the church with the latest virtuoso singing of court and stage. The combination must have been thrilling and shocking, and was surely one of the reasons that Italy was a magnet for music lovers the world over.
The complexity of the work, and its performance challenges, mean that we hear it rarely other than on recordings. Orbium has never performed it, and we are thrilled to be once again collaborating with Ensemble Caprice and with many fine local soloists in this exciting adventure. An evening not to be missed!

Regular $35 CAD
Senior / Student / Unemployed $25 CAD

Christ Church Cathedral Choir Notes, by way of preparation:

Click to read about the Monteverdi Vespers in Wikipedia.

Click for Latin text and English translation

Click for free online HD performance by Silvia Frigato, Emanuela Galli, sopranos; Raffaele Pè, alto; Krystian Adam, Nicholas Mulroy, Gareth Treseder, tenors, Alexander Ashworth, Robert Davies, bass; The Monteverdi Choir; The English Baroque Soloists; Les Pages du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles; John Eliot Gardiner conducting.  Location: Royal Chapel at Versailles (Versailles, France)


Charles Tournemire, L'orgue mystique: Cycle after Pentecost

Mass of the 22th Sunday after Pentecost, Op. 56, No. 50:

Prelude for the Introit [YouTube]
Offertory  [YouTube]
Elevation [YouTube]
Communion [YouTube]
Alleluiatic Postlude  [YouTube]

Click for the entire performance of L'Orgue mystique byGeorges Delvallée.


Bach Cantatas for the 21st Sunday after Trinity:

Il Veronese, The Centurion before Christ, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden, 1581-82

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir / From deep affliction I cry out to you, Cantata 38, with performances by Harnoncourt, Herreweghe, Leusink and Richter.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan [I] / What God does , that is done well, Cantata 98, with a performance by Leusink.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Ich glaube, lieber Herr, hilf meinem Unglauben! / I believe, dear Lord, help my unbelief!, Cantata 109, with performances by Harnoncourt, Leusink, Lutz and Rilling.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Ich habe meine Zuversicht / I have placed my confidence, Cantata 188, with performances by Harnoncourt, Leusink and Rilling.