June 7, 2015

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, Sant'Apolinare Nuovo, Ravenna, 6th cent.

Jesus asked them, ‘How many loaves have you?’ They said, ‘Seven, and a few small fish.’ [NRSV, Matthew 15:34]

Christ Church Cathedral Choir Notes
Second Sunday after Pentecost
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Patrick Wedd, Cathedral Music Director, will give an organ recital, Célébrons le Québec, at the 1888 Wadsworth / 1909 Warren / 1938 Casavant, Opus 1608 / 2012 Létourneau organ of St. James United Church, 463 Ste-Catherine St. West (McGill Metro), on Tuesday, June 9, at 12:30 pm.  Free admission / Donations accepted.


Toccata “O Filii et Filiae,” Lynnwood Farnam (1885-1930)
Pastourelle, Alain Gagnon (b. 1938)
Chaconne (3e Sonate), Raymond Davuley (b. 1926)
Doux Repos, Louis Reimer (fl. 1847-75)
Prélude: Vox clamans in deserto                 
Tango, Robert Jones (1947-2012)
Récit de tierce en taille (Sept Études), Bruce Mather 
(b. 1939)
Rhapsodie sur le nom de Lavoie, Denis Bédard 
(b. 1950)
By way of preparation listen free online to:

Lynnwood Farnam, Toccata “O Filii et Filiae,” performed by Diane Bish at the 1983 Sandtner organ of St. Michael Church, Munich [YouTube]
Alain Gagnon, Pastourelle, performed by Raymond Davuley at the 1889 Déry organ of St. Isidore Church, Dorchester, QC. [listen]

Raymond Davuley, Chaconne (3e Sonate), performed by Rachel Laurin at the 1960 Beckerath organ of the Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Montréal. [listen]                             
Bruce Mather, Récit de Tierce en taille (Sept Études) [YouTube]
Denis Bédard, Rhapsodie sur le nom de Lavoie, performed by Randall Mullin on the Sonus Paradisi Hauptwerk Sample Set of the 1885 Cavaillé-Coll organ of the former Abbey of St-Étienne, Caen [YouTube]

Bach Cantatas for the 1st Sunday after Trinity:

Bonifacio Veronese, Dives and Lazarus, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice, 1540-50
Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort / O eternity, you word of thunder, Cantata 20,with performances by Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Herreweghe, Koopman, Leusink and Rilling.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot / Break your bread with the hungry,Cantata 39, with performances by Gardiner, Herreweghe, Leonhardt, Leusink, Richter and Rilling.
Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Die Elenden sollen essen / The wretched shall eat, Cantata 75, with performances by Gardiner, Herreweghe, Leonhardt, Leusink and Rilling.