September 15, 2013

Domenico Feti, Parable of the Lost Drachma, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden, 1618-22

"Or what woman having ten silver coins, if she loses one of them, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? [NRSV, Luke 15:8]

Christ Church Cathedral Choir Notes
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

 Francisco Guerrero

The Mass setting and both motets for this coming Sunday are the work of Francisco Guerrero.

Sanctíssima María [text]
L’Escolania del Escorial, Javier M. Carmena conducting [YouTube] (Followed by Pan Divino at 2:03)

Pan divino [text]
Música Ficta - Ensemble Fontegara, Raúl Mallavibarrena conducting [YouTube].
L’Escolania del Escorial, Javier M. Carmena conducting [YouTube] (Begins at 2:03 after Sanctissima Maria)
Agrupaciones Corales "Provincia de Valladolid" [listen]

Missa Surge Propera
The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips conducting [CML] (info)

Missa de la Batalla Escoutez
The Sixteen, Harry Christophers conducting [CML] (info)

Ave Maria [text]
Hesperion XXI, La Capella Reial de Catalunya, Jordi Savall conducting [YouTube]

Ave Virgo Sanctissima [text]
An interesting feature with this great motet: The 2 soprano parts are in strict canon throughout, the second exactly echoing the first at four bars distance.
The Cambridge Singers, John Rutter conducting. [YouTube]
The Seasons of Angels, Anne Taylor [Grooveshark]
The Westminster Cathedral Choir, David Hill conducting [YouTube]

Duo seraphim [text]
La Capella Reial de Catalunya - Hespérion XX - Jordi Savall conducting. [YouTube]

O Domine Jesu Christe [text],
Musica Sonora, Joel Schwindt conducting [YouTube]
Brisbane Chamber Choir, Graeme Morton conducting [YouTube]

In exitu Israel [text]
The Westminster Cathedral Choir, James O’Donnell conducting [YouTube]


  Transfiguration, attr. Theophanes the Greek, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, 15th cent.

Ivo de Vento, Christe qui lux es et dies, is the anthem for evensong this coming Sunday.

Click to go to the Latin text with alternating English verses from the Copeland translation
Click to go to an extensive discussion of the hymn by “A Clerk of Oxford,” with the Copeland version chanted in English.

Click to go to brief remarks on the William Byrd version for 5 voices with a performance by The Cardinall’s Music, Andrew Carwood conducting.

William Byrd version performed by Stile Antico [YouTube]

Robert White version I, performed by Gallicantus [YouTube]

Robert White version, performed by the Westminster Abbey Choir [Grooveshark]

Gregorian chant version performed by the Choir of the Dominican Friars of the Province of France [musicMe]

John Redford version for organ, performed by Lorenzo Ghielmi   [Grooveshark]

Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck version for organ, virtual performance Renaissance Organ (ca. 1587) in gothic church in Smecno, Czech Republic [listen]

Click for additional information.

Charles Tournemire, L'orgue mystique: Cycle after Pentecost, Op. 56, No. 44.


Performance by Georges Delvallée on the 3-manual 1888 Puget organ of Nôtre Dame de la Dalbade, Toulouse 

Mass of the 17th Sunday after Pentecost

Prelude for the Introit [YouTube]
Offertory  [YouTube]
Elevation [YouTube]
Communion [YouTube]
Alleluiatic Choral No. 2  [YouTube]
Click for the entire performance of L'Orgue mystique by Georges Delvallée.

Click to go to Bach Cantatas for Online Listening.

 Giovanni Battista Naldini, Raising of the Son of the Widow of Naim, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 1570-80
Bach Cantatas for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity:

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Liebster Gott, wenn werd ich sterben? Dearest God, when shall I die? Cantata 8with performances by Gardiner, Herreweghe, Leonhardt, Leusink, Rifkin, Rilling and Thomas.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Wer weiß, wie nahe mirmein Ende? / Who knows how near my end is to me? Cantata 27with performances by Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Koopman, Kuijken, Leusink, and Richter.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Christus, der ist mein Leben / Christ is my life, Cantata 95, with performances by Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Leusink and Suzuki.

Click to go to Johann Sebastian Bach, Komm, du süße Todesstunde / Come, sweet hour of death, Cantata 161, with performances by Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Koopman, Leusink, Linde, Sándor, Schröder and Thomas.